5 Facts You Didn't Know About Our Individualized Safety Kits

Not all safety kits are going to offer the same level of comfort or protection.  When you’re looking to protect yourself and get the right one for you, sourcing is key.  A PPE kit that dedicates time to comfort, convenience, and, of course, safety, is going to be the right one.  When you choose this Individual PPE Safety Kit from Home Depot Canada, you’re going to be getting the right one for the job, but we get that you’re not convinced just with that statement alone.  Here are 5 facts to back that up!

5 fantastic facts about our safety kits

            We get that you want to know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that you are going to be putting your trust in the right kit, so here are the true, simple facts for you to rely on. 


  1. These kits are individually wrapped and sealed: Every single package is going to be individually wrapped and contain 2 masks, 2 individually wrapped wipes, and a bottle of hand sanitizer.  As well, this package is not only fully-inclusive and wrapped ,but sealed, too,  When you rip open the seal, you know that the contents are safe and hygienic.


  1. These saturated wipes contain the right alcohol content: The wipes in this kit contain 70% alcohol content and are going to be the right strength to effectively help cleanse particles as well as general germs, grime and dirt on your surfaces.  Great for knowing that you are doing everything in your power to protect yourself.


  1. The masks are 3-ply: Each of the masks have comfortable, chafe-free ear loops and 3 separate layers in them to give you more protection and comfort when you wear them (in more ways than one).  They’re going to be suitable for all-day wear and give you plenty of protection when you’re on the job.


  1. Kits are designed for real protection: These kits are focused on the idea of offering ture, no-frills protection.  There is nothing extra in them, but nothing missing, either.  It’s just simple, dependable protection that you can rely on.


  1. Modern kits are designed for busy workplaces: While they are designed for professional work spaces, they do go beyond that.  With thoughtful design and implementation, they're also going to be suitable for busy workplaces where no one can keep track of who used what, when, and how.  These kits are all sealed to be opened one per employee, one a day.  It keeps organization simple and safe.


Safety is in the details

            By taking a look at these safety kits, it’s easy to understand that all of the details come together to create a finished safety kit that is going to be, wellm safe. It’s really simple when you boil it down to the details, but these days, that details do matter more than ever before.


            When you put your money and trust behind a safety kit for your employees, or yourself in a workplace, you want to know that you’ve chosen your source properly and correctly.  With these five facts to lead you down the path to full understanding and respect, it makes the “right” choice even easier.  And that’s what this is all about!