5 Reasons Why Individualized Safety Kits Are Essential

These days, everyone’s talking about PPE and making sure that everyone has all of the proper gear to keep themselves, and others, safe. We understand that PPE has always been important, but our modern times have called for a change in how we see the actual pieces of a PPE kit. Instead of a communal storage space where everyone just grabs what they need, every site must have a very person-centred approach. How does that transfer to a safety kit? Take a look.

Top reasons why individualized safety kits are essential on the job.

Before you just run out and grab an Individual PPE Safety Kit from Home Depot Canada, we understand that you want to have an idea as to why the individualized approach matters. We’ve put together 5 of the top reasons to help you see and understand the role of separation.

1. Grab-n-go convenience: Since these are put together in separate zipper tops and sealed pouches, your employees will find protection effortless. Instead of having to go to the different stations for all of the right gear and supplies, these are organized with everyone needed all in one grabbable pouch!
2. Everything in one place: Similarly, these kits allow for you to simply have one section dedicated to safety gear. Instead of having to carve out the square footage for everything, this is just one simple box to organize with all of the bags containing everything, stress-free.
3. Minimal contact with other people: Designed to be placed with proper distancing, if wanted, these are a great option for when you need to keep everyone protected with the right supplies, but still minimize hands-on contact to further maximize safety. It’s a win-win for everyone.
4. Pre-portioned for daily use: Containing 2 x 3-ply face masks, 2 x 70% alcohol wipes, and a bottle of hand sanitizer, this is specifically and thoughtfully designed for a day of work so that everyone needed for safety is included with no need to go back for more. Every day, a new pack is there ready to keep you safe for the entire day once again.
5. Easier inventory: Let’s be honest, these are going to be wonderful when it comes to doing inventory. Instead of having to meticulously add up all of these elements to get the math right for reordering, all you need to do is count these packages. Great for more accurate and easier inventory in your storeroom.

As you can imagine, there are all sorts of other reasons to have a safety kit designed for each person, but these leading reasons are going to help you down the right path. When you want to prioritize protection and comfort, these PPE kits are going to be just the ticket to doing it the right way.

Even if the storage room used to be full of organized safety equipment for employees and contractors to just “grab and go” as needed, you’ll quickly find that these separated and pre-planned kits are going to replace them in all of the best ways!