Top 5 Workplaces that Need Individualized Safety Kits

No one is immune to needing proper PPE these days.  From education settings to something as simple as the city bus, everyone is used to the idea of proper protective gear.  However, there are some places that need the added bonus of individualized safety kits more than others, simply because of the amount of people they come into contact with, and how much safety they need to be properly protected. 

Top places for these PPE kits to be the most useful.

Again, everyone needs a safety kit that they can trust, but some of the higher contact venues and situations include:


  • Storefronts/reception: Whenever there are people working in storefronts where there are a lot of people (such as grocery clerks), or in a reception position when it comes to office situations, people are simply a part of the job.  From handling groceries, to taking money, to simply communicating, it all adds risk.  The right individualized PPE kit helps each worker keep their own safety a priority and also those they deal with throughout a shift


  • Contractors and job site staff: When on a job site with electricians, plumbers, general contractors, and foremen, there’s a lot of people and teams coming and going.  It’s great when it comes to the job, but hard to keep track of when it comes to contacts and team combinations.  Having individual safety kits in place for everyone to protect themselves means that overall safety gets easier and safer.


    • In-home carers/workers: Those who work in homes as caregivers, dog walkers, special care homes, and more, have a responsibility to protect their clients and patients as much as they do themselves. Having a fresh and sterile kit waiting at the start of each shift helps maximise that safety without having to keep track of who uses what, when, and was it washed?  One less thing to worry about.


      • Hospitality settings: From hotels to AirBnBs, everyone likes to know that they, themselves, can go above and beyond to help their guests feel safe and secure when looking for an isolation space while travelling.  When you provide these PPE kits to them, it helps them do their own safety checks and know that their space is sanitized properly.


        • Travel venues: Football stadiums, ice rinks, and baseball pitches may have reduced capacity, but sanitization and protection is still critical in these high-contact, people-rich spaces.  These kits give everyone the right person-focused approach.


          Safety as a priority

                      Part of doing our part to keeping each other safe on a daily basis is making sure that everyone has the tools and supplies that they need to do so  These Individual PPE Safety Kits from Home Depot Canada are going to help safety and hygiene without it being inconvenient or expensive.  These are designed in cases of 24 kits so that everyone can have access to proper personal protection on a daily basis, starting fresh each day for extra reassurance.

                      While most of us find it strange to find ourselves in the need for something like a face mask, especially when these aren’t normally required off a job site, it’s nice to know that there are extra protective options available so that we can all do our part to protect ourselves, as well as those around us.