Top Must-Haves In Your Individualized Safety Kits

Safety is one of things that you just have to get right.  Sounds simple enough, right?  The thing is, it can be really challenging to know just how to go about that, especially when it comes to the idea of understanding how safety is conveyed through PPE and a safety kit.  That’s why understanding how each detail helps is going to be so important to making the right choice.

What essentials do you need in your PPE kits?

            There are a few approaches that you can take.  From viruses to simple work site dangers, there are a few details to keep in mind for protecting employees.  These can be met through your main pieces of a PPE kit:

  • A face mask: As you likely know by one, you know that not all face masks are going to be made the same. With the right kit, you’ll get 2 face masks, each one 3-ply for maximum protection, and a comfortable fit with soft, chafe-free ear loops.  Designed for true all-day wear, these masks are durable, reliable, and perfectly designed for the real employee on the hunt.
  • A bottle of hand sanitizer: When you are looking for the right approach to clean hands, hand sanitizer is not all made the same way. You’re going to need a handy bottle with the right alcohol portion to effectively clean your hands so that touching surfaces is going to be safe and convenient.


  • Cleaning wipes: Similar to the hand sanitizer, not all wipes are made the same! For wiping down surfaces and/or tools, the right package will contain 70% alcohol wipes that are going to give you that extra little bit of security when it comes to proper, effective cleaning of everything around you!

Don’t forget the packaging

            Another detail, especially these days, is that you need to minimize hand-to-hand contact as much as possible, even when it comes to handling something as simple as safety gear.  That’s why investing in supplying Individual PPE Safety Kits from Home Depot Canada is going to be so crucial.  Pre-packaged with all of the essentials needed for proper safety on the job, no matter what professional field you are in, these kits could just be a life saver!

            The other perk about safety kits that are designed for the modern professional, is that they are going to be sold in cases that allow for everyone on your team to get the same access to all of the right safety gear.  Contractors, storefront employees, and office workers are all going to find these kits helpful!

            Now that you know what your employees most need to keep themselves safe, as far as a safety kit, take the time to invest in the right one for the modern, busy employee every single day.  It’s not as hard as you’d think, and it really is going to be worth the time to do it right the first time.  Plus, let’s be honest, these kits are going to be so much easier to have in your storeroom than all of their elements scattered all over the place.